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Tessa was brought up in an aviation household. She has known the in's and out's of aviation from her early upbringing. Her father has flown corporate as well as in the major airlines for over 30 years. Tessa's brother, Jonathan, is also a pilot for a regional airline in Europe. Tessa's goal is to help small aviation companies grow in this modern world.

Tess assists small companies with creating an online presence. She brings the older generation of flying into the 21st century with the assistance of technology.


Senior Consultant

The aviation bug bit Ian at a young age and his passion for tailwheel aircraft quickly grew. Ian flew in Africa for many years including flying as an Anti-Poaching Pilot for Project Rhino KZN. Ian moved to the USA in 2019 to continue his dream of flying tailwheel aircraft in the backcountry. 

As an ICAO and FAA CFI, Ian assists with all matters training and tailwheel. He runs the FAA Conversion Program primarily with assisting foreign pilots convert their license to an FAA equivalent. 


Senior Consultant

Robert has had a varied and illustrious career, from aircraft salesman to safari pilot to airborne forest firefighter and company pilot moving onto large modern airliners and flying international cargo in 4 engine trans-continental jets. He has flown tactical humanitarian flights in support of peace-keeping troops and world food programs to some of the toughest war-torn destinations around the world.

As the holder of 5 ATPL Licences and TRI/TRE or Instructor / Examiner in many countries, Robert has gained a vast and varied experience in different types of aircraft and flight operations.

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